Smart Doesn’t Include a Color

Many universities, including Harvard, have been making changes to the way they evaluate their students. There are two specific situations I would like to address: the extra SAT points being granted to Hispanic and African American students and the removal of Asian Americans as “people of color” due to their success in many areas. First,Continue reading “Smart Doesn’t Include a Color”

My First Disable on Facebook

I was thinking about how my profile was deleted and how Facebook wants me to be angry. Facebook wanted me to be distraught and eagerly search for my old friends so I could get that identity back. Nah. I think I will appreciate the shift to find new people and new stories. I will networkContinue reading “My First Disable on Facebook”

The Individual Lost in the Crowd

Everywhere I turn my head, I see the seeping of socialism into our country. What’s even more odd, is that they use gender and race to push us towards this movement, this conformity. Gender and race are two things that we have absolutely no control over. This notion is the exact reason why discrimination shouldContinue reading “The Individual Lost in the Crowd”

Writing in the Snow (Intro Post)

The days are at their coldest here in Washington state. It was on one of these chilly winter days that I decided to start my first blog. I had been tucked away in the house for quite some time and the urge to release my ideas and thoughts became almost unbearable.  When we don’t haveContinue reading “Writing in the Snow (Intro Post)”