The Hip Hypocrisy

Grease is inappropriate but Cuties is artistic?

Social media deserves to not be controlled by the government but the news stations do?

We cannot get in an airplane and leave the country without a vaccination but we can open the gates for illegal immigrants with sex offenses?

It’s okay for adults to take their masks off at their desk and dining table but the kids need to keep them on at school.

We need to get rid of modern day slavery by white shaming but it’s ok to use slaves in Africa and Asia for our energy supplies and hair extensions, and skin serums.

We need to fight for BLM but the we turn around and lobby against anti-slavery labor laws?

The politicians temple filling with citizens is violent and unacceptable but the riots burning down our own cities were for the people’s benefit?

Mister Potato head is offensive but WAP can be the number one hit song for our little girls?


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