Writing in the Snow (Intro Post)

The days are at their coldest here in Washington state. It was on one of these chilly winter days that I decided to start my first blog. I had been tucked away in the house for quite some time and the urge to release my ideas and thoughts became almost unbearable.  When we don’t have an outlet for our natural instinct to evolve and share are evolutionary shift, we tend to become closed off and, well, cold.

Once I finished designing my new page, I once again felt cold and alone. The weather and my mind set were in sync and it made facing the season even longer. I wanted to share my ideas immediately, I wanted to start new conversations and tell stories but my audience did not exist yet. What enjoyment can you get from telling stories to a computer screen? I found myself with an unfinished website, an empty blog and the same attitude I began with and the energy I was running from.

Then one snowy afternoon I thought to myself, “when have I ever needed an audience to channel my art of writing”?  I realized, like many other times in my life, that I was simply getting lost inside my head instead of venturing outward like my heart had been demanding. When you stay in the warm house instead of taking a walk into the snowy forest, you forget where life exists, where the growth exists.

I started to think of my blog’s success like the winter season. It might be cold and lonely now, but that doesn’t mean I should lose interest in the seeds that will sprout in the spring. My writings are the seeds. The more I plant, whether others can appreciate and see them or not, will eventually bloom and have all the beauty that I created them with when the time is right. I do not write with the hopes of getting picked, like a lone daisy in the field of clovers. I write so the daisy can be appreciated by whoever comes along its path to admire it before moving along. If you lose all your motivation and inspiration simply due to the dark sky and cold nights, then your spring and summer will be in late bloom

I compare this blog and my dreary winter season to the idea of lacking creative motivation but what I mean is much more than an analogy. The way you perceive your environment directly impacts your ability to thrive and grow. You cannot set expectations on your abilities, you can only put them in direct action. As soon as I started to write this very first post, it was like uncovering the snow from the meadow floor just to see the green. I remembered the feeling and in that reminiscent moment, my energy was rejuvenated like the sun’s reminder on an early March morning.   

Open yourself to more than just what you see, but what you feel. You can manifest moment by moment if you can look past the scenery and listen. My blog is dedicated to opening new doors of thought and encouraging you to do the same. Perception is fate and now that I have your attention, can you see where I am? Smile and journey your mind with me on an adventure to set our minds free.

I hope we can visit often.

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