Heroin Sorrow In

If only she didn’t have such a strong hold on her host.
Strong enough to keep you from your own children, like a dog tied to a post.
You walk away and try not to look back,
but you know she’s still there because with her, you made a pact.
She numbs away your closest trauma, your wounds and leaves you only with dark karma.
But when you can no longer feel, you dont have to deal.
And that, my friends, is spinning a wheel.
At some point you will come to a halt.
And your kids will point and says it’s your fault.
The weight will feel too heavy and you’ll hang your head low.
So today, and forever, let your kids lead your show.
Let go of the friends and the places she sends.
Look into your children’s eyes.
Use your pain to make yourself wise.
Take the stairs instead of her slide
and hug those kids because their love for you has never died, even when every time, you lied.
Children are like the strongest potions, becoming your reason for every notion.

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