My First Disable on Facebook

I was thinking about how my profile was deleted and how Facebook wants me to be angry. Facebook wanted me to be distraught and eagerly search for my old friends so I could get that identity back.

Nah. I think I will appreciate the shift to find new people and new stories. I will network even further now, because of their censorship. Everyone is already on the same page with the political awakening myself and others post about daily. We have all been absorbed in it for some time now, others even much longer. And if you aren’t, you likely wouldn’t be sitting here reading this post.

Let’s rise above the political jargon and energy that Zuck codes our censorship with. I’m ready to talk about the spiritual awakening aside from the bullshit. It’s happening.

Why are the hippies gathering with the gun packing tough guys? When has this ever happened before? The spiritual warriors have connected in this fight for freedom. Some people are working against us, yes, yet we still choose to fight for something that is for e v e r y o n e.

That is what sets us apart from the left and the right. Freedom. It’s for everyone, not just ourselves. Free your mind.

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