Politicians All Dress the Same

Something might seem right in the moment but, in the long run, it could come back to haunt you in worse ways than you imagined. This is a lesson we often learn as teenagers and young adults. Once we mature and wise up, we sometimes go back to mom and dad for support or advice. However, we are responsible for our children’s future, at this moment in time. We will not have someone to run to down the road when many people decide they walked down the wrong road. And who will have to survive in this rattled society? Our children.

Often, when things go to fast, we end up regretting decisions because too many factors were skipped over. We should have learned this as kids. Think outside of parties and affiliations and think about the world you want your children to live in. Realize that you may be playing into a trend of ego and pride, two things that have no benefit to any society. Can you look your neighbor in the eye and tells them who they have to be? Or do you ask your neighbor if you can borrow a cup of sugar?

See how well you can focus on treating your own neighbor right before you go telling the entire world how to be.

When you style is no longer in, will you feel virtuous in your own skin?

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