The Individual Lost in the Crowd

Everywhere I turn my head, I see the seeping of socialism into our country. What’s even more odd, is that they use gender and race to push us towards this movement, this conformity. Gender and race are two things that we have absolutely no control over. This notion is the exact reason why discrimination should not exist. Yet, they are making us feel negatively responsible for being in our own skin and blood, as if we chose our fate before we entered this life.

Instead of influencing us to accept our bodies, and what makes each of us an individual, they attempt to program us to forget our identities all together for humanitarian reasons. Why? Because if we lose our identities, our essence, then we will constantly seek solutions and guidance. We lose our sense of integrity, our sense of what is right and what is wrong. Then the rebellion creeps in. It’s the animal in us that knows how to live in the moment. It knows how to protect, to reproduce, and to thrive in sync with mother nature and all of earths offerings. The animal in us runs off of instinct. What sets us apart from animals is our intuition gets jaded from non organic surroundings and burdens. A dog can feel when someone is sick or sad but we cannot, even though we are scientifically more intelligent.

We end up with broken intuitions and bottled up instinct, which leads to absolute chaos. An example I can think of is a comparison to animals in a zoo. They have the food and water they need and love from each other but, every once and a while, the domesticated animal attacks its handler or a bystander. It’s fault of the pent up wildness, and it isn’t their fault.

But, like I said, humans have are intelligent. We know what a barred cage is when we see it. I fear this control will create tension in Americans and, as a result, they very well may lose control. Now, every society loses control over frustration. For example, riots, protests, marches, graffiti, poetry, and rapping are all releases we use for frustration, tension, and anger. We have the right to express ourselves freely as long as we don’t bring harm onto others. But the censorship in today’s world is blocking the middle man named, expression.

People who are living with their voices still loud will not notice the silence and will continue to go about their normal life. This is the wind to the fire. You cannot see it out your window, but if your in it you can feel the power in it. They don’t rely on half of Americans losing their rights and freedom, they rely on the other half sitting back while it all happens. They rely on this aspect because it’s the only thing that could demolish their agenda.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. This is a characteristic people have forgotten amongst all the trends and virtue signaling. Integrity is in our intuition and in our instincts. If people could spiritually connect with their higher being, we could win this war the politicians have pushed us into. Spirituality is capable of over powering the greed and corruption, and it starts with us.

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