The Man Who Inspired Me

My biggest inspiration for the blog comes from my stepdad, but I never called him that. He is my father and was since I was 5. He is a tough as nails Vietnam Navy veteran.

I know endless stories from his time in Vietnam, driving pontoon boats. I also know his story of coming home, unwelcomed. I watched him sit outside our city courthouse, in his chair, advocating for the medical legalization of marijuana. I saw him get the same treatment, once again, as he did coming home from nam. The judgement.

His name is Cliff and I miss him each day I wake up and look in my backyard, our backyard. The birds chirping in the early morning remind me that his energy is still here and the sun helps me feel it after a period of gloominess passes. He gave me the inspiration to be a patriot and fight for my rights and freedom.

He was wheel chair bound most of his life from the MS he got from agent orange. I took care of him as a young girl and as an adult, with my own two kids riding on his lap. All the time we spent together still doesn’t seem like it was enough.

The day he passed away, the day before Valentine’s day, is a day I will always remember. I held his hand until his last breath and the last replay of Spirit in the Sky out of probably 100. Each day I wake up, I remember to not let anyone tell me what I can and cannot achieve and nothing seems too hard after what I saw him go through as a grown man and honored veteran.

I made this site in his memory and many more stories of him will be shared here. I miss you pops, heaven doesn’t seem so scary now that I have you waiting for me.

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