Suspicion at the Divide

I just want to have an honest, logical conversation about the border right now.

In February, the Department of Health and Human Services, announced that they have experienced the highest number of alien (unaccompanied) children in history. The new administration loosened not just one, but the majority of immigration laws to where basically anyone can come in. Alien children, violent criminals, sex offenders, are all freely occupying America quicker than you can open your business or your kids can go to school.

The problem with the thousands of alien children coming through is many are undocumented and it opens the doors for sex trafficking. It’s logical to accept and believe that there is corruption in every government, including ours, and that sex trafficking happens at the border, with or without help from an American elite. Right?

It’s logical to believe this statement in the same ways it’s logical to understand why sex offenders shouldn’t come over or violent criminals. It logically is not right. People talk about lightening the immigration laws and, although I don’t agree, it is something appropriate to at least discuss. But the complete lifting of most of the pertinent immigration restrictions and laws, is just reckless for anyone to believe, let alone the leader.

Above all the moral reasoning is also the factor of the all mighty pandemic. We cannot even open our restaurant doors or go to school but we can flood the border with history breaking records of immigrants whom we do not test, let alone identify? Is this logical if our entire country is on a leash by this pandemic? It makes no sense.

So ask yourself, why would they go about it this way?

There are devious things in store for the elite and guys at the top. Why does everything circle back to children? Many children are trafficked through the borders, but in the last four years, numbers dropped and laws were tightened. Do you think, maybe, that there might be an ulterior motive? How much do you trust this government that you [leftist] fought so hard for? Will you [leftist] have the honor to speak up about this even though it goes against what you praised and rooted for prior? Where do all the children go?

Think about the children.  

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