On Your Way To Yoga With Your Concealed Carry

Amongst both the political divide and coming together, there has been a shift in the mind set of many Americans. People are diving deep into their inner being and answering questions about themselves that they never have before. The political war is a spiritual war.

The left is attempting to steal not only the votes of the people, but their souls as well. They are trying to halt the growing individual into an orderly and neutral country. Let’s remember why we are a democracy. America is the land of the free, we celebrate and embrace our differences. This is the notion we are destroying right now with socialist and communist enticing movements and bills.

Native American smudge fan and a handmade Cholla knife with turquoise incorporated.

Among this spiritual war, I see stereotypes gathering that usually would be divided by beliefs. I am seeing the down to earth, spiritual, homesteading, meditating, gurus coming together with the gun totting, flag flaunting, all American, hunting woodsmen. Yes, I said it. These two groups have always been at odds with their polarities but they are finding something in common this year. They are connecting on a spiritual level much bigger than our programmed expectations.

This change of government is so detrimental that the ones who can see it are going deep within themselves to think about the better of mankind and not just themselves. It’s not about the money, power, success, and all these things we constantly fight about. It’s about preserving our minds and ability to think and speak freely. These are the factors that allow us to be all that we are, no matter what or who that might be, or how different. We want the right to protect ourselves as much as we want the right to think for ourselves. This is the connection being found by these stereotypes who were once distanced from each other. Instinct within our intuition and animal side realized that we had to fight for this as a whole, not divided by the very differences that make up America.

And this is a beautiful creation, the joining of empaths and warriors. It is exactly what the world needs to save us from ill intentions and dark energy trying to place us in the grey while they lavish in the colors. There is a physical war happening for the protection of our homes, our children and our possessions. There is an emotional war happening for our freedom to believe and right to think. Together, patriots have banned as one to preserve the soul’s fate to individualism. We will fight for every individual.  

I want to be allowed to talk so long as you are allowed to respond.

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