Saying No To Weapons But Still Letting Us Cover For You

Many Americans will turn their heads to any news regarding weapons and self-defense. They feel perfectly content without either and blame all violence on weapons and their existence. Much of this security comes from perspective and experience. If you have ever felt scared for your life, especially with your life in the hands of another human being, you understand instinctual fear. We can acknowledge that fear exists, whether you ever experienced it or not. Before we dive into the need for weapons, let’s look at two different situations, one including self-defense and the other including survival of the fittest:

  • You go into a grocery store. A person comes in and holds everyone at gunpoint while they rob the registers. You are lying, face down, with your children underneath you. You pray that a good citizen will stand up and save the day. But how will they save the day? Most likely with a weapon. Does this reliance only hold value in the moment you need it, or should it be available to everyone?
  • The apocalyptic scenario you fear actually turns out to be a civil war. People are running the streets armed and crazed. You are hiding in your basement with your children, protected only by a wooden door. You pray that luck will be on your side and someone will come along to help keep you safe. But what will make you any safer with this person that you already are alone? Most likely a weapon. Is it valid to accept that some people live in this situation in today’s America and it’s not just an irrational fear of the future by someone who currently feels secure?

These are two very different scenarios but they make the same point. We have the right to defend ourselves in all the ways that others might hurt us. Criminals will always have weapons and nothing will stop them, nothing. No matter how well-mannered and humbled you make our society, there will always be people will ill intentions. And no matter how illegal or legal we make weapons, they will always exist in their hands.

Your fear or timid attitude towards weapons does not mean that all of society should abide by supporting those fears. Additionally, society has become so unpredictable over the last year that many people have lost faith in good people. The country is tense and rattled, people on both sides are on edge. Now, more than ever, is not the time to being relying on a good citizen theory to keep our families safe at night. Last year, we saw people’s businesses burned down, children shot in crossfires during “peaceful” protests, and countless people of all ages injured. This violence all happened involving the very people who were marching for peace and unity. People who were considered good citizens were acting in ways they hadn’t before, with violence and authority. No one expected this and people on both sides of the line were on guard afterwards. I know I was. The good citizen theory has been lost in the storm of opposing beliefs, appearance, and greed. This division is exactly what the elite planned for us and now they want to disarm us in the process.

Adding outrageous fees and limiting the style and ammo of guns allowed is only setting a limit to the good people, not the bad. Even more significant, it deters the low income from arming themselves. Another topic, which I will cover in a separate post, is the fact that government agencies (CPS, IRS, SS etc) have all stock piled hollow point bullets. This ammunition is illegal for war. This validates that the government itself, is on the defense.

If you feel content without weapons, I respect your beliefs. But don’t restrict others or we won’t be able to cover for you.

Who are we trying to protect with these gun laws? The criminals or the good citizens?

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