Robin’s Chili with Pepper Jack

Ingredients: whole chicken canned green chilies (2) canned garbanzo beans (2) canned pinto beans (2) canned green enchilada sauce (2) canned crushed tomatoes (1) canned black beans (1) salt and pepper pepper jack cheese tortilla chips Instructions for Cooking: Cook the whole chicken with green chilies in the crock pot or oven dish for atContinue reading “Robin’s Chili with Pepper Jack”

Vaccine TRIALS on Children Under 5

VAKSINE TRIALS ON CHILDREN SO ADULTS CAN REACH HERD IMMUNITY?! 1. Herd immunity will never be reached because vaccinated people can still spread the virus and get it themselves. 2. The children aren’t preventing herd immunity, the free thinking adults are. We decline. Don’t use the kids as another excuse. 3. Oh, Elouise felt fineContinue reading “Vaccine TRIALS on Children Under 5”

Infrastructure or Ulterior Motives

While I agree with keeping America’s money in the country and lessening foreign spending, there are some concerns in Biden’s Job Plan, in particularly with the infrastructure budget. The plan is 2.2 trillion dollars with less than 6% of the funds dedicated to roads and bridges at 115 billion dollars and 20 billion for roadContinue reading “Infrastructure or Ulterior Motives”

My Message to Leftist Who Support and Open Border

If you support open borders or even worse, have no opinion at all….then I have no words to speak to you. Gangs, cartels, criminals and traffickers are walking in like a stroll in the park. Our children are the victims they look for whether it’s trafficking, drug dependence, or gang recruitment. Kids are always theContinue reading “My Message to Leftist Who Support and Open Border”

No To the Wall, Yes to Immigrants

I find it ironic that Biden agreed to continue the building of the wall only after allowing open borders for several weeks now. The impact that this delay in decision had on American soil is less than unacceptable. The Biden Administration was well aware of the consequences that would come from the open border policyContinue reading “No To the Wall, Yes to Immigrants”

Raising Wages With Rising Costs of Living

McDonalds raising the hourly wage 10% only balances out with the rise on cost of living in 2021. From March 2020- March 2021, at-home food costs alone rose 3.3% and food-away-from-home rose by 3.7%, according the USDA’s Food Price Outlook Summary. They are both expected to rise another 1%-3% by next year. Take into accountContinue reading “Raising Wages With Rising Costs of Living”

Big Corporations Swallow the Small

Amazon had a record hitting 38% surge in sales in 2020 and this year is expected to be even higher. Walmart hit a record as well at $560 billion dollars for the year. The most prominent corporations are hitting records at exponential numbers while small business continues to crumble among the pandemic, from both diminishingContinue reading “Big Corporations Swallow the Small”

You Fear For Your Life But Still Go To The Mall?

Critical thinking warning. If you support a mask mandate, then I assume that you expect others to wear a mask because you fear for your life. You fear that you could die if you get the virus from someone else and the mask is the barrier of prevention. You. Fear. For. Your. Life. Right? BecauseContinue reading “You Fear For Your Life But Still Go To The Mall?”

Trump Signs in the Boonies?

When driving around, I see many Trump signs displayed throughout the northern woods of Washington state. Washington is a very blue state. Why are the boonies living families supporting Trump? The leftist environmentalist and “save nature” hipster youngens think they know what is best for the environment but they should ask those who lives offContinue reading “Trump Signs in the Boonies?”