Trump Signs in the Boonies?

My dog Valkyrie at Sullivan Creek, WA

When driving around, I see many Trump signs displayed throughout the northern woods of Washington state. Washington is a very blue state.

Why are the boonies living families supporting Trump?

The leftist environmentalist and “save nature” hipster youngens think they know what is best for the environment but they should ask those who lives off the land. Those who are relying on the environment.

Those who hunt for their food.

Those who rely on the fresh water.

Those who know nature and seek it each and every day.

Generation after generation.

Oberserve. Respect. Learn.

Caring for nature isn’t a trendy shirt and eating vegan at the cool cafe downtown. Nature provides freedom.


Why are people fleeing Cali for Texas and north Idaho? They are fleeing to where they can feel free and safe. Becoming self reliant is the new American dream of 2020. Why?

The woods. Freedom. Solitude. Independence. Rights. FRESH AIR.

Talk is cheap.

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