Big Corporations Swallow the Small

Amazon had a record hitting 38% surge in sales in 2020 and this year is expected to be even higher. Walmart hit a record as well at $560 billion dollars for the year.

The most prominent corporations are hitting records at exponential numbers while small business continues to crumble among the pandemic, from both diminishing sales and detrimental fines from lockdowns.

I find this troubling to ponder about and it brings me to be suspicious of the economical intentions behind the pandemic. Providing a 1k sign on bonus is going to attract potential employees to their facility and make local business positions less favorable in an already declining rate among national employment.

This is an unfortunate cycle that profits the corporations while continuing to hinder the small business. On top of this, bribing people to get vaccinated in return for an extra $100 only solidifies the connection Amazon has to the draconian measures put in place by the government.

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