No To the Wall, Yes to Immigrants

I find it ironic that Biden agreed to continue the building of the wall only after allowing open borders for several weeks now. The impact that this delay in decision had on American soil is less than unacceptable.

The Biden Administration was well aware of the consequences that would come from the open border policy yet they allowed for it regardless. Why? The administration should be held accountable for the damaging results of their lack of, or rather intentional, decision making.

Also take into consideration the amount of tax dollars spent providing financial support to these 178,622 migrants and you can understand the effect this had on the budget for the wall. Not only does the surge of illegal immigrants hinder our tax dollars, it also contributes to a downfall in what the government claims to be the number one priority, COVID-19.

Those crossing the border are not only undocumented but also untested and unvaccinated. What was the real agenda behind this halt to action?

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