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My blog posts will consist of various topics relating to spirituality, health, nature, biographies, guest authors, and most importantly, our freedom and rights. Without freedom, we lose control over these aspects of our lives; essentially, we lose our soul’s purpose. I don’t want to just talk about the news, that we can’t seem to escape from, I want to talk about where people’s beliefs are rooted and unravel the spiritual journey many have found themselves on. Below are my photos and blog postings. Photographs change periodically.

Robin’s Chili with Pepper Jack

Ingredients: whole chicken canned green chilies (2) canned garbanzo beans (2) canned pinto beans (2) canned green enchilada sauce (2) canned crushed tomatoes (1) canned black beans (1) salt and pepper pepper jack cheese tortilla chips Instructions for Cooking: Cook the whole chicken with green chilies in the crock pot or oven dish for atContinue reading “Robin’s Chili with Pepper Jack”

Critical Race Theory

Washington just signed in Critical Race Theory for public schools so I thought I would post my take on this. “Critical Race Theory” started in the academy and was integrated into federal programs before being mandated in public schools, HR programs, trainings etc. It is taxpayer funded and has become tied into more than 12Continue reading “Critical Race Theory”

Trump Signs in the Boonies?

When driving around, I see many Trump signs displayed throughout the northern woods of Washington state. Washington is a very blue state. Why are the boonies living families supporting Trump? The leftist environmentalist and “save nature” hipster youngens think they know what is best for the environment but they should ask those who lives offContinue reading “Trump Signs in the Boonies?”

Korean Bulgogi Recipe

Korean Beef Bulgogi *the easiest and most simple recipe I have for Bulgogi. The marinade is the bare minimum ingredients but I added the fancy ingredients below too. Sorry the photo isn’t great. Marinade: – 1 cup soy sauce – 4 tablespoons sugar – 1 tablespoon rice vinegar – 1 tablespoon sesame oil – 1Continue reading “Korean Bulgogi Recipe”

The Beauty in Death

But have you ever watched someone leave this lifetime? Watched their hair fall out little by little. Watched their skin get speckle after speckle. Watched their teeth leave their smile. Watched them in pain with no sound. Watched them humble your soul, one word at a time. Watched them slow their breathing with patience. WatchedContinue reading “The Beauty in Death”

Feeding On Ego Will Drown America

The bees are attracted to the hanging meat. The are so distracted by the feast, that they over eat and can no longer fly. They fall into the water and eventually drown.
Our country is in a similar vibration except the meat is our ego and the fulfillment is self righteousness.

Saying No To Weapons But Still Letting Us Cover For You

Many Americans will turn their heads to any news regarding weapons and self-defense. They feel perfectly content without either and blame all violence on weapons and their existence. Much of this security comes from perspective and experience. If you have ever felt scared for your life, especially with your life in the hands of anotherContinue reading “Saying No To Weapons But Still Letting Us Cover For You”

Suspicion at the Divide

The borders have been a constant discussion, specifically the children. Not only are children coming over undocumented, but sex offenders and violent offenders are as well. Let’s have a logical conversation about the intent behind this situation.

Heroin Sorrow In

A poem about the drug that makes people numb to the pain they run from.

Maple Street

The man who sits under the bridge has much in common with the man who is painted beside him, on the rusted walls.


Coca Cola: “Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.” Do not let them scramble our children’s minds the way they did to the adults this past year. This isn’t about us, you see. It’s about the children and the next generation. They know this andContinue reading “Diet-Virtue”

Fall On Me

Reading poetry can take your worries away with your imagination and yearning to feel.

That Name

The stale water sleeping on the counter Purple flowers racing the dungeon of pine A bowl of stale almonds suffocating my brain The empty soap bottle tearing my muscles But the china cabinet with pens and paper The soul shaper. . . The picture of a little girl with no frame Dry sandwiches between myContinue reading “That Name”

Professional Writing Examples

Full Portfolio for Technical Communications and Graphic Design at EWU Grant Proposal for Habitat for Humanity 2. Rhetoric Memo for Local Project 3. Public Relations Report Analysis 4. MLK Center Proposal FULL PROPOSAL: file:///C:/Users/sumikochadwell/AppData/Local/Temp/ 5. Twin Oaks Hotel Analysis 6. Usability Testing for EWU Classroom Improvements 7. DSHS Usability Analysis 8. Image Analysis: Graphic DesignContinue reading “Professional Writing Examples”

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