Walking Barefoot To Find A Moment Of Peace

As we go further into the generation of technology, we find ourselves slowly drifting away from our natural selves. In today’s world, you can completely alter your physical appearance, go to virtual realities, and have food delivered right to your door. These options aren’t necessarily all negative, but it’s important that we remember our animalContinue reading “Walking Barefoot To Find A Moment Of Peace”

On Your Way To Yoga With Your Concealed Carry

Amongst both the political divide and coming together, there has been a shift in the mind set of many Americans. People are diving deep into their inner being and answering questions about themselves that they never have before. The political war is a spiritual war. The left is attempting to steal not only the votesContinue reading “On Your Way To Yoga With Your Concealed Carry”

My First Disable on Facebook

I was thinking about how my profile was deleted and how Facebook wants me to be angry. Facebook wanted me to be distraught and eagerly search for my old friends so I could get that identity back. Nah. I think I will appreciate the shift to find new people and new stories. I will networkContinue reading “My First Disable on Facebook”

Writing in the Snow (Intro Post)

The days are at their coldest here in Washington state. It was on one of these chilly winter days that I decided to start my first blog. I had been tucked away in the house for quite some time and the urge to release my ideas and thoughts became almost unbearable.  When we don’t haveContinue reading “Writing in the Snow (Intro Post)”