The energy that surrounds us and the intentions we set.

The barriers we set within our minds are put in place by fears and illusions. Does the thought of freedom keep you up at night? In Essence We Trust is a page that explores politics, spirituality and ultimate freedom of our soul. One might think of these topics as each an independent but I want to explore the connection they have in the manifestation of our inner selves and being. Patriots have gathered together, not from sharing the same demographics, but because we share the same spiritual journey as Americans.

As humans, we tend to seek recognition and acceptance. But do you seek this validation from others or from yourself? Integrity is natural within our essence but gets jaded when attempted to be controlled.



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2024 Election Day


The importance of politics in my life comes from my natural instinct to exist as I please and allow others to do the same. I am also passionate about the 2nd amendment and the significance it plays in our rights. Freedom is the foundation of which we are able to be independent individuals. My inspiration to have passion for this right comes from a Vietnam vet that I was honored to call my parent. It’s also been shaped from my heritage and constant reminder that everything in life is earned by hard work and spiritual discipline. I like to talk freely and you will see this characteristic of mine throughout this blog. I hope to inspire others to become vocal and spread the word about the fight to preserve our freedoms as Americans. I encourage publishing others who share a similar patriotic mission!

Essence & Presence

What keeps your mind from resting when your body is tired? What thoughts do you never seem to put into words? Take your shoes off and wander in the forest; your spirit will be refreshed, senses heightened. We get so caught up in surface level existence that we tend to neglect our roots and in the end, the foundation of all that we create. Nourish the very thing that makes you different from the people you idolize. Be open minded and knowledge is infinite. Stand up and have a voice to protect this valuable right. I am half Korean American, adopted into a Native American/ Filipino family. My mother is full blood Korean. The diverse culture I was raised in played an important role in my journey to patriotism and advocacy for freedom. I was able to see many perspectives from a young age.

Weekly Announcement: 10/2/2021

“This fight for medical freedom has been eye opening to Americans. Unity has proven to be stronger than control. Keep speaking up and keep asking questions to those who are still in wonder. Be loud for the sake of our children!”

The difference is that we are fighting for everyone, not just ourselves.

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