My Message to Leftist Who Support and Open Border

If you support open borders or even worse, have no opinion at all….then I have no words to speak to you.

Gangs, cartels, criminals and traffickers are walking in like a stroll in the park. Our children are the victims they look for whether it’s trafficking, drug dependence, or gang recruitment.

Kids are always the target.

Are you going to be a mommy and daddy that makes hard decisions for the best interest of your children?

Or are you going to let Joe Biden control that parental instinct of yours?

And aside from your own children, do you ever think about the children coming into our country to be trafficked?

Everyone was loud for the kids in cages, but the kids you can’t see, the kids getting trafficked into the most evil situations a human can think of…..they get silence?

Out of sight out of mind? How selfish. Get it together.

The children should come FIRST. Haven’t you adults had the spotlight long enough?

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